Ballistic Overkill

A first person action shooter game published and developed by Aquiris Game Studio. Ballistic Overkill is a bombastic, brutal, and bullet-filled multiplayer shooter. It blends classic arena shooter action with modern FPS gunplay giving you a fast paced class based shooter that’ll leave your opponents bloody on the battlefield. With a progression system that means your wins actually matter and a huge map pool with 6 varied game modes, there’s something for every shooter. Whether you prefer chasing team objectives or the thrill of classic death match, Ballistic Overkill has the gun and the mode for you. This game has no barrier between you and immediate run and gun action. Designed from the outset to be ‘pick up and play’, Ballistic Overkill is for you regardless of your level of FPS experience. Select one of 7 classes, each with their own style, weapons, and visuals. You get to play this game the way YOU want to play it. Select from multiple load outs with each class to tailor each character exactly the way you want to play. And mremember there are no support classes, in Ballistic Overkill everyone is a killer! So, pick the best class of soldier, choose a powerful weapon and dive right into this game!!
OVER 80 WEAPONS. From pistols, grenade launchers, SMGs, sniper rifles, katanas, etc. 7 CLASSES. Each with its particular strengths and weaknesses.
4 GAME MODES. All maps have multiple game modes available: Team
Death match, Free for All, Capture Point, King of the Hill.
CUSTOM PRIVATE SERVER CREATION. Players can create their own servers with their own rules, map cycle and game modes to play withtheir friends.
This game is all about non-stop killing and the unlimited ammo nicely complements it. The main goal is just to kill as many enemies as possible while avoiding getting killed. There are 7 soldier classes to choose from and all of them are attack-oriented. Each has its own set of weapon types and skills that suits a specific play style. The 2 unique soldier classes are the Grenadier and the Shadow. For players who want to quickly kill enemies at close range, the Shadow is an appealing soldier class due to its katana and invisibility skill. The Grenadier specializes in explosive weapons and is great for killing multiple enemies in tight spaces such as narrow corridors. Weapons and skills are equipped in the SOLDIERS tab and, once you reach a certain level, you can have 2 load outs which are basically just presets for equipped weapons and skills. You level up by gaining experience points which are earned by playing any game mode and how much you get depends on how well you play. More weapons and more skills are unlocked as your level increases and each soldier class is leveled up individually. 7 classes of soldier;
Berserker – deadly close combat rush down expert
Vanguard – master of field survival and assault specialist
Wraith – infiltrator and ranged assassin
Shadow – master of speed and stealth assassinations
Grenadier – bane of the campers and explosions maniac
Tank – towering machine-gun toting survival expert
Marksman – perceptive and adaptable intelligence specialist.
You will receive a new mission every day and can have up to a maximum of
three active at any given time. You will need to ensure to complete your
missions in a timely fashion as when you have three active missions, theoldest one will be replaced when a new mission arrives. Whenever you complete these missions you will receive a reward of either 2, 3 or 4 scrap(s), that you can redeem for crates. In addition to daily missions, you will also receive special missions, the first of which will be appearing in the next few days. These Special Missions will reward you with a Mission Crate. Ballistic Overkill
covers a wide variety of locations in its 10 maps. From factories, malls, abandoned hospitals and even parks. Each is filled with death, either your opponent’s or if you’re not ready…yours. The map also features multiple game modes including: Team Death match Free for All Capture Point King of the Hill Rounds Juggernaut A casual but competitive game!! Easy pick up and play, no complicated setups or rules: it’s kill or be killed!