Rollercoaster Tycoon Deluxe

RollerCoaster Tycoon is a simulation game along the lines of Theme Park or Sim City. This game is developed by Chris Sawyer Production and was published by Hasbro Interactive. In this game you’re given a plot of land, a few thousand dollars in capital, and told to build a thriving amusement park and you’ve also got to hire employees, monitor the guests’ moods and watch your finances.

The feature that sets RollerCoaster Tycoon apart from other sim games is the full-featured ride editor. Piece by piece, you can craft the rollercoaster of your dreams, limited only by your funds. Do you want an underground coaster that burrows under your entire park? It can be done. Would you rather build a physics-defying coaster of doom that will push enough G’s to make your passengers pass out? Go for it, just don’t expect very many people to ride it.


The whole point about this game is that you work in an amusement park trying to complete an objective or two before a certain time limit comes. While you’re in the park, you can basically do whatever you like in that park as long as you have money to do it. RollerCoaster Tycoon offers a selection of 21 different scenarios, as well as a tutorial, for building your empire. In actuality, only five of the 21 scenarios are available at start-up – as you complete a portion of the initial scenarios more will become open to you. The scenarios typically involve either open or prebuilt amusement parks, challenging you to accomplish an objective, like achieving a certain attendance or profit goal.

You have the option of building a number of different structures to please your customers: thrill rides, roller coasters, mild rides, water rides, food vendors, souvenir stands, and even bathrooms. The big rides are the most interesting, and of course, most players will probably go straight for the roller coaster. Laying out the rides and concourses requires some skillful planning – you must place not only the rides, but the queuing area and entry gates as well. Lines for rides that spill out onto the concourse are not good for the moving traffic, and vomit-inducing rides (should you choose to keep them) might need a few strategic stalls nearby. At the outset, you only have access to the basic rides and vendors, but money and time put into research will earn you new types of amusements and technologies. You can custom-build your own coasters – including your own twists, turns, dips, runs, and so forth – to your heart’s desire.

Overall, this game would be a happy addition to your collection because the physics are nice, the control’s perfect and the purpose of this game has so many supports you’ll be playing this game for a grand total of hours!!!!! If you’re a Tycoon game fan, you’ll love this game and buckle up for the ride of your life!