Out Of The Park Baseball 17

Out of the Park Baseball, abbreviated as OOTP, is a text based baseball simulation for career, historical, and fictional play. OOTP was originally written in 1998, when lead developer Markus Heinsohn sought to combine realistic replay baseball simulation with career play to satisfy hardcore fans and casual gamers alike. OOTP presents a minimal graphic depiction of a baseball diamond with text indicating positions and on-field action. Scrolling text allows one to follow the game as it unfolds. The game offers HTML reporting ample enough to engage baseball fans. Third-party developers have contributed utility programs that assist gamers in creating leagues, players, logos, and other game enhancements.


OOTP Baseball 17 is an astounding journey through the past, present, and future of the sport. Whether you’re an owner, GM, or field general – or all of the above – get ready for the deepest and most satisfying version of Out of the Park Baseball yet. Build the team the way you want to. Start a new career with your favorite 2016 MLB team or span through almost 150 years of baseball history and run any team from the past! You can even set up your own fictional baseball universe or compete in online leagues against other OOTP players. Negotiate player contracts. Dive into the more hands-on management and set your team’s lineups, pitching staffs, and in-game strategy. You can oversee your league at a high level, or play out each game, managing play by play or even pitch by pitch! The possibilities in OOTP 17 are endless. Never played before? Set all options to auto, advance between pitches by tapping the space bar, and let the AI make decisions for you. Want to oversee every last pitching change, fielding substitution, and base running decision? The field is yours.

Matches can be played in an array of ways—3D, top-down view, text commentary, radio commentary, any variation of the above—and cleverly offer the same sense of engagement no matter your level of experience. The mode allows for any two teams from 1919 to 2016 to play against each other in a single game or full series. Players have the option of automating whatever they don’t want to do and handling only the assignments that are desired.

Another new feature for OOTP 17 is “FaceGen,” which provides the player portraits for the profile pages. Thanks to the MLBPA licensing they resemble the players, but FaceGen goes well beyond that. Faces actually age over time and show their current emotional state. When moves to other teams or organizations are made, they are updated instantly with the new uniforms and hats. Other improvements in OOTP 17 include increased simulation speed – which will be very noticeable to veterans of the series – updated rosters for the new season, new GM and manager AI preferences and tendencies, and player models that actually move around the field during game action.

If you’ve been playing OOTP Baseball and you haven’t given an online league a try, you’re missing out on a whole new level of engagement. There’s no greater feeling than putting a winning team together against other like-minded baseball junkies and seeing your long-term plan come to fruition, or even a short-term plan for that game 7 strategy you put in place. While there isn’t much new with online leagues to report, that’s only because they are already a very stable and enjoyable experience. For the record, all of the new features as well as features past are available in the online model.

Great game!! A hands down the best sports management game of all time. If you have always wondered what it would be like to control a baseball franchise you will absolutely love this game. If you have ever dreamt of having the greatest teams from different eras play against each other you will be able to live out those dreams. 😊

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is the sequel to Sniper: Ghost Warrior. It was developed by City Interactive for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 are graphically stunning and provide more diverse sniper challenges. Feel the kill as you experience unprecedented levels of realism in weapons, ballistics and environmental factors.


Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is a tactical shooter that employs stealth, hand-to-hand assassinations and titular sniping techniques. Ghost Warrior, is a military style first person shooter that features sniping action set in three different terrain types: urban, jungle, and mountain. Gameplay features realistic bullet physics that factors distance, wind, and bullet drop when sniping targets.

The story takes place in 3 acts, each with their own location and period in time.

Act I: Takes place in the Philippines.

In the First Mission: Communication Breakdown, General Wheeler sends Captain Cole Anderson, CIA Operative Mike Diaz, along with Keller, Gomez, and Nichos to go to the Philippines where a group of Russia mercs made off with African Hemorrhage Fever, Wheeler claims that it makes the Black Death look like a head cold. One of the buyers for the weaponizes disease is Kalalo, a Filipino who is the shot caller for Abu Sayyaf. In the Philippines, Anderson, Diaz, and Keller venture through the jungle, Anderson and Diaz split up whereas Keller leads the assault team. As Anderson and Diaz go through the jungle, they eventually rendezvous with Keller, and they take the Satellite Dish.

In the Second Mission: From Out of Nowhere, Anderson splits up from Diaz, where Diaz and Keller lead the assault team.

Act II: Takes place in Bosnia, 1993.

Act III: Takes place Tibet.


Marine Team Member – US Army Ranger, an elite member of the United States Army. Tough, capable, deadly. As their motto goes, ‘Rangers lead the way!’

MERINOV – All-around hustler and opportunist who will jump at every chance to come out prosperous. Has no moral spine and is not to be taken lightly.

DIAZ – Liaison for Langley on Operation Archangel in Sarajevo and Anderson’s partner. Though he can be haphazardly labeled as a desk jockey, he has had extensive field training and is certainly more than meets the eye.

MADDOX – Former US Delta Operator decorated for impeccable performance during 1991 Operation Desert Storm. A loose cannon who often compensates not having a sound game plan with an all-out adrenaline rush.

Players will primarily dispatch enemies using various sniper rifles and stealth kill options. The game’s sniping system will take into account wind speeds and directions, heartbeat rate, and bullet drop. Successful sniping will require minute control over these inputs. Almost every level in Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2’s brief four-or-so-hour campaign boils down to the same thing. You arrive on one of these pretty, CryEngine 3-rendered jungle scenes either alone or with a partner, and then move from position to position, killing everyone as quietly as possible. If you screw up, enemies will rush you with reckless abandon and you’ll probably die, so if you’re playing on Easy or Normal, you’d best kill people in the explicit order you’re told to. Not that that’s particularly difficult, since you seem to always know exactly where enemies are at all times.

Playing on the hardest difficulty helps a little. Here you don’t have big marks over every person’s head, so you have to actually hunt for targets. You also don’t have the bullet-drop indicators, meaning that you have to pay attention to the wind and distance to your target, adjusting your aim accordingly. The stripping of these features make some shots a bit more tense, since it really does take time to learn the feel of the weapon, and you might have missed a potential target during your initial scouting

Ghost Warrior 2 ultimately does exactly what I feared the most when I started: it takes one of the highest forms of shooting skill and makes it repetitive and uninteresting. A well-written, well-acted script give the game a great action-movie vibe, as do authentic-looking visuals and animations. Weapon noises, the shouts of enemy voices, the far-off rattle of weapon fire in war-torn Sarajevo, and various atmospheric sounds like the background hum of the Philippine jungle are all handled extremely well and enhance the tension as you line up each careful shot.

Rollercoaster Tycoon Deluxe

RollerCoaster Tycoon is a simulation game along the lines of Theme Park or Sim City. This game is developed by Chris Sawyer Production and was published by Hasbro Interactive. In this game you’re given a plot of land, a few thousand dollars in capital, and told to build a thriving amusement park and you’ve also got to hire employees, monitor the guests’ moods and watch your finances.

The feature that sets RollerCoaster Tycoon apart from other sim games is the full-featured ride editor. Piece by piece, you can craft the rollercoaster of your dreams, limited only by your funds. Do you want an underground coaster that burrows under your entire park? It can be done. Would you rather build a physics-defying coaster of doom that will push enough G’s to make your passengers pass out? Go for it, just don’t expect very many people to ride it.


The whole point about this game is that you work in an amusement park trying to complete an objective or two before a certain time limit comes. While you’re in the park, you can basically do whatever you like in that park as long as you have money to do it. RollerCoaster Tycoon offers a selection of 21 different scenarios, as well as a tutorial, for building your empire. In actuality, only five of the 21 scenarios are available at start-up – as you complete a portion of the initial scenarios more will become open to you. The scenarios typically involve either open or prebuilt amusement parks, challenging you to accomplish an objective, like achieving a certain attendance or profit goal.

You have the option of building a number of different structures to please your customers: thrill rides, roller coasters, mild rides, water rides, food vendors, souvenir stands, and even bathrooms. The big rides are the most interesting, and of course, most players will probably go straight for the roller coaster. Laying out the rides and concourses requires some skillful planning – you must place not only the rides, but the queuing area and entry gates as well. Lines for rides that spill out onto the concourse are not good for the moving traffic, and vomit-inducing rides (should you choose to keep them) might need a few strategic stalls nearby. At the outset, you only have access to the basic rides and vendors, but money and time put into research will earn you new types of amusements and technologies. You can custom-build your own coasters – including your own twists, turns, dips, runs, and so forth – to your heart’s desire.

Overall, this game would be a happy addition to your collection because the physics are nice, the control’s perfect and the purpose of this game has so many supports you’ll be playing this game for a grand total of hours!!!!! If you’re a Tycoon game fan, you’ll love this game and buckle up for the ride of your life!