Mx vs. ATV Reflex

An off-road racing video game developed by Rainbow Studios and published by THQ. This is the third game of Mx vs. ATV series. Reflex was built from  the ground up featuring a new control scheme and physics engine where it utilizes both analog sticks. The left controls the handle bar and while the right controls the rider’s body movements.

Reflex is a real time terrain deformation where it allows any of the different vehicles to literally carve into earth crusting bumps as they actually do in real life. So grip tight, think fast and hang on to your ride as you passionately do your death-defying tricks and high-flying freestyle action. Hone your skills through this ever changing havoc-laden environment with constant changes every route. Fight off and dig up the tracks to force the competition to carve for new race lines and LEAVE your mark as a champion.



The game allows the players to race motocross and super cross on motocross bikes or ATV’s. This game also includes events such as Omni cross, free rides, and free style motocross. Players must think fast and wrestle on to their rides from the merge of catastrophe, lean in to take higher jumps and tighter turns to get more points. Blaze through dessert dunes when the terrain gets altered in every turn you take, slash on every swampy everglades and rushing through raging rivers is what players must go through in order to win. Rave up and keep going!

This game has online mode which consists of public and private rooms. These rooms are dedicated to specific event types and can host up to 12 players at a single time. Motocard is where players keep their records from their progress which earns them experience points through online events and goes directly through their levels. The game offers 48 achievements each of which is worth from 5 to 100 points. Players must take note of that lists it may be a big help in gaining more points. Whatever route you take, you must pull off that sickest tricks you got and show it to the world. Impress the judges, increase your score and emerge victorious on MotoFx freestyle.

A very solid off-road experience indeed! It shame to know how others feel it weak. Well for me this is one hell of a game! The physics engine is really incredible and the feeling of flying through the air doing those death-defying stunts really makes me happy. I dare everyone to play this game. Superb!!!!! 👍