Cities In Motions 2


A business simulation game developed by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive and is the sequel to the popular mass transit simulation game Cities in Motion. A transportation management simulation where players can dictate the growth and development of the city through a public transport. The goal of this game is to build, manage and lead your transportation network to provide dynamic cities with their ever changing needs. People’s choices effects the city growth so better be wise and manage well on doing this most tedious and confusing job ever.


Players solve transportation issues in a number of different cities making less traffic roadways, build dynamic cities for citizens in the world, manage timetables rush hours and etc. Players must take advantage of many different types of vehicles like the Buses the cheapest option of all but has low capacities and is affected by traffic. Trolleybuses they have slightly higher capacities and speeds compared to buses, but are still restricted to roads. Trams these tracks are restricted to existing roads, but can be laid in the median of an avenue and pedestrian walkways. Double deck buses, ferries and more. The game has added a new feature that is Day and night cycles with a full 7-day week and peak periods in the morning and evening. Players now have to take into consideration the movements of the residents throughout the week, and provide transportation to both their workplaces and their leisure places. You are given the ability to adjust the timetables for their routes, setting departure times from the route’s first stop. This game has a multiplayer mode you can either build your own city or build it together with your friends.

Every players should take note of this, affordable transportation brings middle class housing and work places. And those exotic and expensive choice brings high end businesses. Players must choose what to put on their city to make it a profitable city with less traffic problems in that way citizens will love the city you built. This game features an impressive scale and depth. You can zoom in close enough to check and see the citizens of your city make their daily commute to work and zoom out to see the rest of you city blocked by trees and awaits you to put on something there. Players can also lay down their own roads, and there are much more options for road networks, including pedestrian walkways and expressways. Most road options also come with the ability to set bus lanes, which limit traffic to the player’s vehicles. All roads can be raised or lowered to create bridges and tunnels when needed.

Cities in Motions 2 brings some interesting new elements into the game. A great game though! Boast yourself into a deep and satisfying simulation of the woes of managing public transit, hop on and get inspired! Engage yourself into this most challenging game ever 😊