Cities In Motions 2


A business simulation game developed by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive and is the sequel to the popular mass transit simulation game Cities in Motion. A transportation management simulation where players can dictate the growth and development of the city through a public transport. The goal of this game is to build, manage and lead your transportation network to provide dynamic cities with their ever changing needs. People’s choices effects the city growth so better be wise and manage well on doing this most tedious and confusing job ever.


Players solve transportation issues in a number of different cities making less traffic roadways, build dynamic cities for citizens in the world, manage timetables rush hours and etc. Players must take advantage of many different types of vehicles like the Buses the cheapest option of all but has low capacities and is affected by traffic. Trolleybuses they have slightly higher capacities and speeds compared to buses, but are still restricted to roads. Trams these tracks are restricted to existing roads, but can be laid in the median of an avenue and pedestrian walkways. Double deck buses, ferries and more. The game has added a new feature that is Day and night cycles with a full 7-day week and peak periods in the morning and evening. Players now have to take into consideration the movements of the residents throughout the week, and provide transportation to both their workplaces and their leisure places. You are given the ability to adjust the timetables for their routes, setting departure times from the route’s first stop. This game has a multiplayer mode you can either build your own city or build it together with your friends.

Every players should take note of this, affordable transportation brings middle class housing and work places. And those exotic and expensive choice brings high end businesses. Players must choose what to put on their city to make it a profitable city with less traffic problems in that way citizens will love the city you built. This game features an impressive scale and depth. You can zoom in close enough to check and see the citizens of your city make their daily commute to work and zoom out to see the rest of you city blocked by trees and awaits you to put on something there. Players can also lay down their own roads, and there are much more options for road networks, including pedestrian walkways and expressways. Most road options also come with the ability to set bus lanes, which limit traffic to the player’s vehicles. All roads can be raised or lowered to create bridges and tunnels when needed.

Cities in Motions 2 brings some interesting new elements into the game. A great game though! Boast yourself into a deep and satisfying simulation of the woes of managing public transit, hop on and get inspired! Engage yourself into this most challenging game ever 😊

Borderlands 2

This game blends the first person shooter perspective and the role playing genre to create the true evolution of Role playing shooter. Developed by Gearbox Studios and published by 2k games. It is the second game of the Borderlands game series and the sequel to 2009’s Borderlands. It is a game that has always something just a bit better, something you so desperately didn’t even know you needed until you found it in this game. Hunting for “loot” makes it more extraordinary. And you just have to simply decide the best or the most entertaining way to kill everyone. Good luck!! 😁

A short recap to what happened on this game.

Set five years after the events of Borderlands; Handsome Jack, the game’s main antagonist, has taken over the Hyperion Corporation, declared himself Dictator of Pandora and taken all of the credit for finding the Vault. Going so far as to claim responsibility for killing the Destroyer. Jack has also blotted out much of the light on the planet by having a giant orbiting H-shaped base set in front of Pandora’s stationary moon, creating a ‘big brother’ atmosphere throughout the planet. The new group of Vault Hunters in Borderlands 2 are tasked with killing Jack and returning peace to Pandora.

The game begins with the protagonists on a train to an unspecified location to begin their search for the vault. The train turns out to be a trap set by Handsome Jack, to kill all who search for the Vault. The Vault Hunters defend themselves long enough to reach a train car filled with explosives and a ‘dummy’ Handsome Jack look-a-like. The detonation causes the train to crash in the Arctic Wasteland, with our new team strewn across the wreckage. The game picks up with the Vault Hunters waking up to Claptrap digging through the remains. The mysterious Guardian Angel then contacts them and explains that Handsome Jack must be killed, directing players to rescue the four original Vault hunters from Hyperion’s clutches to accomplish this.

The cast of the 1st series of Borderlands have return in the form of non-player characters that the new characters will encounter on Pandora, and in various missions. This is the new era of shooting and looting with the new vault hunters, new gazillion weapons to choose from and new massive creatures and psychos to kill.


The game revolves around completion missions and collecting generated “loot” (weapons, shields and etc.) This game has 4 playable characters to choose from with different set of skills and unique abilities but all share in common “killing”. And the players will play the role of one out of four protagonist in the story.

• Axton the Commando, can summon a turret to provide offensive support.
• Zer0 the Assassin, can temporarily become invisible and spawn a hologram decoy to distract enemies.
• Maya the Siren, can “phase lock” enemies by trapping them in a sphere of energy for a few seconds.
• Salvador the Gunzerker, can use his titular ability to temporarily dual-wield weapons. And has highly deadly skills allow him to dual-wield any two weapons found in the game. Not only that, you will build on that skill to do more things with two guns than you ever possibly imagined.

This game has added new elements to the gameplay in multiplayer including
Slag a substance that increases the damage of enemies that is covered in it.
Eriduim bars a new currency of purchasing storage upgrade and other premium items.
Secret stash a small storage area for transferring items between characters.
And the major addition to the gameplay is the “BadassRank System”.

The game has also downloadable characters and features found in the game. A lot of new into this Borderlands 2 game. I am extremely happy for it! Players must be so eager to try and play this one as I am also!! I am a big fan of this game ever since and I would recommend this to everyone to hasn’t played it yet.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

A fighting video game that is based on fictional universe of DC Comics develop by Nether Realm Studios and produced by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. A game that introduces a deep and original story featuring a large cast of our favorite DC Comics icons such as Batman, Harley Quinn, Solomon Grundy, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and many others. Set in a world where the lines between good and evil are blurred. Players will experience heroes and villains engaging in epic battles on a massive scale.


It all started when Superman becomes tyrant over Joker after he tricks him into killing his own pregnant wife Lois Lane and destroy Metropolis afterwards by detonating a nuclear weapon that kills millions of people. Gobbled by his uncontrollable anger and sorrow he killed Joker in aq vengeful retribution and
quickly loss his moral compass.

Over the following years pass, Superman establishes a new world order under his iron fist and named it One Earth Regime this is to eliminate the crime through a totalitarian game. In order to stop this ruthless dictatorship of Superman one has to stand and make deal with this. By then Batman together with other heroes from another universe merge in and persuade them to join his insurgency to end this totalitarian regime.


The players of the game controls characters with different fighting styles and special attacks engaging them into a one-on-one combat to deploy opponent’s life gauge. The game is in two and a half dimension movement but players are restricted to fight on a two dimensional plane. Each game consist of a single round but each players only has two life bars in the game. Frustrating right? The game also utilizes a four button control layout that would be the light, medium, heavy attacks and a character button. On the contrary, Superman’s character traits portraits a temporary boost in strength while Batman’s character trait falls into a swarm robotic bats. The character falls into two classes The Power characters who relays on brute strength and inborn abilities a perfect example for that is Superman who can pick up cars and smash it to his opponent. On the other hand is the Gadget character one who uses weapons and other external mechanism to win just like Batman who use weapons and bombs etc.

When the characters perform a special moves or getting hit by their opponents their super meters gradually fills up because the portions of the super meter can be used to execute special moves or counter enemy moves. And with their meter fully filled players can unleash their characters strongest special attacks.

The story mode of this game is split into several chapters where the player swaps between different characters. And there is an Online multiplayer mode that includes King of the Hill where it allows 8 players to spectate a match. Survivor mode which carries over the current winners health bar. There’s an additional game for the players to choose from. The Battle Mode, Versus Mode, Training Mode and S.T.A.R Labs which includes a 240 character specific challenges of varying difficulty.


I can say that this game is shaping up to be one hell of a fight! With those unique fighting styles and a variety of great attacks the characters really do look promising and superb!!!! A very entertaining and good game indeed! So what you guys waiting for? Hit this game up! ��