The Flame in the Flood

A rogue lite traveling survival video game set in the backwaters of forgotten rural post-societal America. A survival game that focuses on constant movement and improvisation. Travel by foot and by raft through generated water, find materials, craft tools, evade the vicious wildlife and stay ahead for the coming rain.


The entirety of the game’s world is consisting of large flowing water along the countryside and a destroyed man-made infrastructure turning them into a small island where the player must go and scrounge for things needed. The player plays the role of a lone survivor a little girl named Scout along with her faithful companion the dog whose name is Aesop who can sense danger ahead and fetch things in order to help the protagonist. The main concern of this game is to keep your player from hunger, exhaustion, thirst and any other major injuries under control. By neglecting these things your player will die and start all over again. The difficult part of the game is the thought that your player can only carry a dozen items on her backpack and you can hop on to one or two island out of many to search things. To be able to grab many things you see, rearranging your bag so you could still fit those things you get, to explore the island you dock on will cause too much time and energy. So you must go find useful things and leave behind those other things. Pretty frustrating right?  A day and night cycle changes the mood, lighting and danger level of the environments. And at night the temperature drops, wolves come out and fireflies glow dimly.

This game is both charming and heartwarming. It’s definitely entertaining and immersive. This is the kind of game I want to fall in love with. From its mid-west water splashing to a country ambiance is a great setting! The compelling loop of river rafting and wilderness exploration is definitely worth your time. Thumbs up for this game!