A fun to play indie action multiplayer game which puts you on the edge of your seats. Brace yourself for the unpredictable surprise this game brought us! Other way of saying, expect the unexpected! 😁


This game features a lot of mini games which players compete to collect most treasures they can get. Whoever got bunch of treasure when all the levels completed is the champion. But this game has two modes you can choose from the beginning of the game.

The party mode which changes the setting of the place randomly on a regular basis in this mode it has 25 different games and arena maps. Players races to collect treasures in this stage while switching the places back and forth but the progress and the state of the player still the same until there’s only one player left at the game and have the chance to win the bonus pot of gold. Just try not to get burned, drowned, blown up, squashed or worse is you will come back and haunt your opponents. Very depressing but pretty fun isn’t it? Quite a twist! Be prepared for this switcheroo chaos party game madness and for facing different game types and surprise bonus stage.

The other one is the arena mode which lets you push off your opponents to the edges of the area and duke out who will be the king of the ring of this mode. Whatever mode you pick expect the unexpected and Good luck!

Most importantly pick out your best and cool Marooner out of many. And load it up with tons of weapons to use in the game. Onward, I find this game very interesting! Can’t wait to play for another round with my friends with this game. Shouting treasure and victory awaits!!! Worth to recommend! 👍