Amnesia: The Dark Descent

The first out of three series of Amnesia. This is a first person perspective survival horror game which puts you into a feeling chills to the core. Be ready to survive this horrifying game produced and published by Frictional Games and be prepared to escape this castle you are in. Go run and hide!


The game sets in an empty castle in London known as Prussian Brennenburg Castle in late August of the year 1839. A young man has loss his consciousness and wakes into the dark and empty halls of the castle, he can’t seem to remember anything about his past and what happened to him before he got in this castle he just happened to remember his name Daniel and that he lives in Mayfair and there’s something hunting him. But as he makes his way through the castle he got notes and diaries that makes him remember a little about his past and a little about the mystery around the castle. He also finds himself followed by an unearthly presence – the Shadow – manifesting itself through fleshy, acidic growths spreading through the castle. He must pass through those vicious and terrifying “gatherer’s” a human turned monsters without any weapon to use. Running and hiding is his only defense in surviving.

The player takes place of Daniel the main protagonist who loss his memories. The player must take the full responsibility of Daniel’s sanity for he only has a lantern or a tinderbox as his own weapon along his journey to the castle. There will be no weapons to use to fight those creatures inside but rather to run and hide. Those monster’s won’t stop chasing until they can’t sense you along, players must find hiding places or barricade doors with rocks, chairs and other obstacles; however, monsters are capable of tearing down doors in their path and kicking obstacles out of the way, and move extremely fast once they have spotted their prey. Being in darkness too long, witnessing unsettling events, or staring at monsters will reduce Daniel’s sanity, causing visual and auditory hallucinations and drawing the attention of monsters. The light sources help restores his sanity players can use tinderboxes to ignite candles in wall sconces and candelabra, or deploy an oil-burning lantern found near the beginning of the game but these things are limited so the players must balance the amount of time Daniel spends in light and shadow. Sanity is fully restored once Daniel completes an objective or progresses the game’s story.

Very much a survival horror series. The Amnesia series represents the gold standard for horror, even a few years into their lifespans. A must-play horror game everyone should love. Outstanding!!