Sins of Solar Empire – Rebellion

A sci-fi space-bound real time strategy game set in the cold and dessert recesses of the universe that still remains as the most remarkable strategy game who brings out both RTS and some elements of 4x genre or more commonly known as (expand, exploit, explore and exterminate). Developed by Ironclad games and published by Stardock Entertainment. Be ready to conquer the universe!


Rebellion took the three original races, the TEC (human), Advent (techno human), and Vasari (aliens), and split each one into two different factions: a loyalist faction and a rebellious faction. You will become the ruler of one of three unique races and lead your people to victory over your competitors by any means necessary and players are given control of a spacefaring empire in the distant future, and are tasked with conquering star systems using military, economic and diplomatic means. The game features a 3d web of planets and other celestial objects in the orbital plane of one or more stars where the players allows to choose over different types of solar systems to unlock achievements. Meanwhile, players can also conquer neighboring planets and explore distant star systems using a fully wide scaled 3d environment featuring the entire universe. Built your own Titans as they may call it or you can name your own ship and call whatever you want.

There are 3 main resources to be collected upon the game which the Metal, Credits and Crystals.

METAL – the most common resource and can the gathered by building extractors on metallic asteroids. It is mainly used in building your ship structures. CREDITS – the general currency of the game can be gathered by collecting bounties and completing missions. CRYSTALS – rarest resource of all can be gathered through asteroids like Metal. It is used for building advance new technology ship.

Players can construct planet-based infrastructure upgrades and orbital structures on and around habitable planets that they control while most planets are “guarded” by neutral TEC fleets, who will attack anyone that ventures near; this is especially true for the Pirate Base planets, which are settled by pirates and are heavily fortified. This game has 5 main ships in a base game that is known as the Capital, Strike, Cruisers, Civilian and Frigates. Capital ships are large, powerful vessels and the cornerstones of any fleet, can unlock new abilities and can gain experience through combat and level up to maximum 10. Strike craft are small, agile ships that launch in squadrons from capital ships, carrier cruisers and hanger-defense structures; they are divided into fighter and bomber classes. Cruisers are the main muscle of an interstellar empire. Civilian ships are construction frigates produce orbital installations like shipyards and laboratories. Frigates are small, cheap and, individually, weak vessels that fill basic combat and reconnaissance roles, including long-range support, planet-bombing, and the colonization of new worlds.

As of this moment, there is still no single-player campaign mode, but games can be played against AI opponents offline and other players online. This game simply has so much going on, it’s every element rewarding not just attention but obsession, that you’re able to sink into it like a hot bath. Over all, I like this game! Like really I can recommend it more heartily to everyone especially to newcomers.