A strategic locomotive management RPG game set in a 19th century railway stations. It was developed by Corbie Games and was published by Daedalic Entertainment. This game takes elements of various genres and merges it into something new and unique game. Be prepared to conquer the Wild West on rails and explore the dangerous life of the historic events and contemporary inventions of the North America/US 19th centuries ago. Solve problems in your own unique way either in diplomacy, bribery or violence.


As players boot into the Bounty Train game the 1st part will led you to choose 2 options first option is the Career mode your go-to campaign you will be playing according to the story line and the other one is the Free mode free meaning you’re not tied down by scripted events ruining your race to riches like in the campaign. Each city and station offers different produce to purchase, assignments to take up and potential passengers to interact with. And items brought from one station may sell well at another but others may fall into contraband elsewhere.

The players of this game will co manage a train and will aim to have a name across the country to save some of his father’s treasure and earn money as much as he could. Players will take passengers on board whose also desperate struggling for survival along with his 5 carts/carriages to be delivered to the cities-state, there will be bandits who will occasionally try to blow up your train and eventually kill you. Design your train with more detailed equipment so you can use it up to more quest. And hire loyal and outstanding crews who can join you in your journey and who can also fight out bandits throughout your trip. The game has lots of cities and countries to go to but you have to unlock those by earning more money and do those missions assigned by you. Taking those quest and earning more money will take a lot of time of this game. You’ll have to start off to Portland Maine which is indeed the free one and continue to peddle and do surprising mission and earn so you can unlock the rest. Be clever and use your own resources in shipping goods, trading things and collecting passengers along the way.

This game is pleasant. Worth to recommend to everyone! Not bad for it’s price and you can easily get hooked by the story line. I personally not fan of this kind of game but was engaged by the solid foundation of this game. Two thumbs up for this one! Strategy certainly plays a key part in every aspect of what Bounty Train is about. 🙂