The Dwarves

A fantasy tactical role-playing game that is originally based on the best seller book series of “The Dwarves” written by the world famous German author Markus Heitz. This game is developed by King City Game. The game has 15 playable characters that is separated by their outstanding abilities and unique appearance.


The story is based on the novel with the same title. The player plays the role of Tungdil, a dwarf that is raised by humans and gained his knowledge of the five Dwarven Kingdom. At the beginning of the game, Tungdil together with his troops set out a grand journey to Gridlegard. A place where a large group of kingdoms where gathered together, a place that were once peaceful but is now more chaotic. Those who read the novel will surely recognize things and aspects thoroughly but the developer of the game put his own touch of the game story. New adventures, characters and enemies were added on this gameplay. Surely, players will have fun to it.


In this game, players must find their way through various maze-like, medieval environments while battling a variety of monsters using a wide array of weapons. Players will travel across the game world on the world map in which players can find merchants like enemy hordes, travelling salesmen and allied armies. They can communicate; trade products and some can give you quests along the gameplay. There are hundreds of way on the world map for the players to travel there will be switches from the world map to a more detailed view so players can explore more and can solve hidden puzzles. Also, there will be random events and encounters happen or occur anywhere in the world.

The players set out to gather a group of 12 companions to travel with. These companions will either be recruited or hired. Before each battle the players picks out 4 heroes to accompany during the fight with hundred enemies.

The Dwarves is a game that has a heavy focus on its strong story. When it comes to fantasy, The Dwarves are one of the most well-known species. 😊