Homefront: The Revolution

A first-person shooting game set in a open world environment with many districts to explore. This was developed by Dambuster Studios and was published by Deep Silver. This game drops you out into a world where United States has been occupied for four years and engage yourself in high stakes gameplay where you must lead the resistance movement in tactical guerrilla warfare against a superior North Korean military force.


The player takes place on Ethan Brady, a new Resistance member whose Resistance cell is expecting a visit from Benjamin Walker, “The Voice of Freedom” and leader of the National Resistance against the KPA occupation. In this game, players can scavenge supplies to modify equipment and weapons. Weapons are usually fingerprint-locked and have a sizeable advantage over resistance. Players will be called off to carry out tasks like assassinating a high-ranking KPA general or steal a KPA drone and another feature was added to the game which is to enhanced ability to modify weapons by adding a fore-grip or a sight in the middle of the firefight or to convert a rifle to a light machine gun.

Philadelphia is split into 3 districts the Green, Yellow and Red Zone. The green zone is the safest zone among the 3. It is the center of the city where the KPA’s is at it’s strongest. They have running water and a stable power supply enough to supply people around the area. The second one is the yellow zone or more likely to be called the slum-like tent ghetto city for its overpopulated area. The place has a limited supply of water and electricity. This zone is awash with patrols, scanner drones and 24/7 working cameras to watch over the people around the place. The last one is the red zone or “The Forbidden” zone as they call it. It has a haze of brisk dust because it is a bombed out suburban area. Heavy shelling and frequent street battles have left most the buildings in rubble. If KPA’s where to step into that place to catch anyone they will be shoot on sight right away.

This game features a four-player cooperative multiplayer mode known as the Resistance mode. While exploring the world is a bit more fun with other people, I can’t imagine wanting to play these missions enough times to unlock more than a few new abilities.

The Dwarves

A fantasy tactical role-playing game that is originally based on the best seller book series of “The Dwarves” written by the world famous German author Markus Heitz. This game is developed by King City Game. The game has 15 playable characters that is separated by their outstanding abilities and unique appearance.


The story is based on the novel with the same title. The player plays the role of Tungdil, a dwarf that is raised by humans and gained his knowledge of the five Dwarven Kingdom. At the beginning of the game, Tungdil together with his troops set out a grand journey to Gridlegard. A place where a large group of kingdoms where gathered together, a place that were once peaceful but is now more chaotic. Those who read the novel will surely recognize things and aspects thoroughly but the developer of the game put his own touch of the game story. New adventures, characters and enemies were added on this gameplay. Surely, players will have fun to it.


In this game, players must find their way through various maze-like, medieval environments while battling a variety of monsters using a wide array of weapons. Players will travel across the game world on the world map in which players can find merchants like enemy hordes, travelling salesmen and allied armies. They can communicate; trade products and some can give you quests along the gameplay. There are hundreds of way on the world map for the players to travel there will be switches from the world map to a more detailed view so players can explore more and can solve hidden puzzles. Also, there will be random events and encounters happen or occur anywhere in the world.

The players set out to gather a group of 12 companions to travel with. These companions will either be recruited or hired. Before each battle the players picks out 4 heroes to accompany during the fight with hundred enemies.

The Dwarves is a game that has a heavy focus on its strong story. When it comes to fantasy, The Dwarves are one of the most well-known species. 😊





A fast and furious kind of combat racing game. A new twist on combat racing experience with the addition of furious team and combat battles. This game has 7 race types with 18 different vehicles and 12 weapons that can be used in 40 tracks in 8 different arenas. Game features a ton of vehicles, weapons, upgrades, on track bonuses and environments.


The player starts out with the low performance vehicle but soon working their way off to a higher performance models through high octane races and arena battles. Cash goes into modifying your vehicles, including purchasing new cars, outfitting them with the best weapons and armor, and upgrading brakes and engines, in addition to regular customization options like paint or vanity license plates. Weapons include shotguns, machine guns, rocket and grenade launchers, and the precision-focused railgun. Combined with the power-ups over which you drive during the race, like stun grenades, disorienting smoke and deadly land mines, races can get hectic and explosive. New game modes, tracks and vehicle models will unlocked as the players progress through the game. The game features a blood pumping single player mode with over 12 hours of gameplay. Beautifully designed with high definition visuals and packed with tons of unique appearances.

During a campaign, there will be companies who will be sponsoring the players during the race if the players will perform well. Lose a few races, and they’ll drop the player like a stone. If you’re sponsored then your backers will often ask you to participate in a sponsored event. These were the moments when you’ve got to show them what you really got as a player. Never did I find myself feeling like I couldn’t afford all of the cars, upgrades and weapons that were needed to win events, so there’s no real consequence to losing your sponsor, nor is there an incentive to participate in the sponsored special events.

Guzzlers is a great looking game; damage effects are spectacular, and car models are reasonably breakable. And speaking of expectations, good controls are yours – and mine. This game is one hell of a ride!!