Call of Duty: Ghost


Happened on the year 2017 at the United States of America when the Federation of the Americas hijack the Orbital Defense Initiative (ODIN), an orbital super weapon that consists of a network of satellites that utilize kinetic bombardment. The Federation uses it to destroy several cities in the southwestern United States. Ten years after the devastating mass event, the United States of America is no longer in their state, no longer in power when their economy and government turned to ashes. The only thing that remained in the heart of United States of America is the Ghost who fought not just for freedom or liberty to fight their asses off for survival.

The main protagonist of the story is the Ghost a US special operations personnel whose trained to do missions behind enemy lines. This unit is led by a retired officer Elias Walker who is also the father of David “Hesh” and Logan Walker who currently joined up the team along with their highly trained German shepherd named Riley. And the main antagonist of the story is Gabriel Rorke a former Ghost leader who works for the Federation after being captured and brainwashed by the Federation via torture and hallucinogens.


This is a first person shooting game who will fight not just for the freedom of the nation but fight to live off. The player of the game takes place of Logan Walker but can be changed with other playable characters of the game including an astronaut specialist named Baker, and Logan’s father, Elias Walker, with an all new option to play as Riley, the first non-machine and non-human character in the series.

This game has lots of different campaigns, new mechanics and game types. In the multiplayer game mode you will find an interesting game type that has been added into this mode including:

·         Search and Rescue – also takes on Search and Destroy but the player’s team can revive them this game mode will have a teamwork and communication from Kill Confirmed with the objective based coordination on Search and Destroy.

·         Search and Destroy – A game mode in which one side has five minutes to plant a bomb at a choice of two sites and the other team is tasked with defending the sites, the catch of this mode is there are no re-spawns and the game ends once one team wins four rounds.

·         Gun Game – the player starts with a pistol and continues to gain a new weapon for each player they kill. The match ends when a player cycles through all of the available weapons.

·         Cranked – a team based game mode, the first team to earn 100 kills wins. Once a player kills an enemy, becoming “Cranked,” the player who earned the kill has 30 seconds to earn a subsequent kill. If they do not earn a subsequent kill within 30 seconds they blow up. 

·         Free for all – players must rack up a total of 30 kills to win the game against seven other opponents or rack up to most kills in a 10-minute time limit.

Team Death match – two teams, 10 minutes and 75 kill limit.

And so much more game types that makes you want to play this game. You can also create your own soldier; change their physical appearance (head, body type, headgear, equipment etc.) Play as much as you want in this new face of Call of Duty game. With load outs of choices to choose from. Overall, this game is worth every penny. With its astonishing story, new faces of the casts, and its unique story I am confident to recommend this game to everyone. This game tells a lean, straightforward story that throws you into plenty of spectacular situations but with more breathing room to appreciate the action.