A third-person shooter video game that is develop by Yager Development and was published by 2k games. The game takes place in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where it happened to be deserted. John Konrad a United States army along with his 33 men was heading home at that time from Afghanistan but was stuck when a blast of storm dust began. Then the United States Army sent out 3 Special Forces Captain Martin Walker (synchronized with Nolan North from the Uncharted series) and his teammates Sergeant John Lugo and Lieutenant Alfanso Adams out to Dubai for a reconnaissance mission to seek out for survivors.


This game has single and multiplayer game modes for players to choose from. In the single player mode the player controls Captain Martin Walker, who is accompanied by a Delta Force team to locate a deserted United States Army colonel John Konrad and other survivors from the ruins of post-cataclysm Dubai for subsequent extraction. Players must traverse the city to neutralize enemy threats and natural disasters. When the player accomplishes the mission each weapons and equipment’s will be available to achieve more goals easily. Squad commands are freely available for players to direct their teammates what to perform during the battle. Also, zip lines and rappels are available to allow the players to move up and down also jumping and climbing. 

In the multiplayer mode it is more likely a campaign that expands the single player mode includes 6 different game modes, 7 tracks, a selection of equipment and a scoreboard. The gameplay has it’s own sand storm for dynamic terrain changing during gameplay by an unpredictable engine that randomizes when and where sand storms will arise, as well as how harsh they will be. Sand storms make it much harder to see as well as having the players’ aim become less steady. This can be used tactically to set up ambushes or escape someone who is on a player’s tail. Weapons and equipment are available during the game. These include carnivals , machine guns , shotguns, pistols , sniper rifles, machine guns , and other heavy weapons. Some weapons have secondary firing modes such as silencers, binoculars, or grenade launchers. You can find different grenades, the light grungy and the sticky garnet. 

Overall, it’s a perfectly good-looking game, but not quite equipped to go toe to toe with. The gameplay and the graphics are more than good enough to keep you busy while you enjoy one of the most atmospheric and engaging tales we’ve seen in a military shooter. The plot has its ridiculous moments, and you have to have some doubts about a game like what’s going on? Who is the real enemy? What has happened to the Damned 33rd? Who is the mysterious Radioman, and what is his relationship to the missing colonel who once saved your life? A game worth to recommend for everyone. Happy gaming! 😊