A first person psychological horror video game that revolves around the story of one of the hospitals locked deep down in the mountains of Lake County, Colorado the second highest peak in the Rocky Mountains just about 20 miles of East Aspen. Mount Massive Asylum is known to be an abandoned hospital but then was reopened by a private corporation which was Murkoff Corporation, who runs the experiment on patients in secrecy. Miles Upshur, an unaffiliated journalist who walks through this blooded hallways of the abandoned asylum to investigate and testify on what’s going on with the patients on asylum and who did the experiment.

The game begun when Miles, the journalist received piece of information from an unidentified someone regarding Mount Massive Asylum’s case. He got anxious and was eager to investigate the said case so he headed to the Asylum and was surprised to see a broken abandoned Asylum. Miles was thinking of leaving but then it came to his senses that it’s too late to leave since he’s already trapped inside.

Outlast, stealth horror game that will give you the creeps but a must played game after all. The story line of the game is quite exciting to play that everyone wants to know what’s really inside, what really happened there. The surround sound really is a superb that makes you cover your ears as well as your eyes so you won’t be able to see the scary faces of the inmates that will chase you. Overall, this is one of the best and greatest horrifying games I’ve ever played so hopefully you’d give it a shot too!