Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the fallena brave warrior goes to the parallel dimension to prevent the invasion of demonic creatures in the world of people. Take part in the battles against horrible lords of evil and their servants. Defeat enemies with the help of fighting maneuvers and magic attacks. Train your hero and improve his abilities. Find boxes with jewels which will help you upgrade the character’s munitions.

In the era of the Ancients, the universe was ruled by the god of pure evil, who enslaved humanity and, as a result, all mankind lived under his heel. Time passed and the fear that held the hearts and souls of people gave way to fury, and fury became the cause of the Great Insurrection, which began the struggle for freedom. After the glorious victory that overthrew the fallen god from the throne, people established a new order … more than one sin did not say goodbye, and the salvific redemption became unattainable.

Millennia passed, and the world was again locked in fear – for from the darkness of the otherworldly dimension there came a legion of horns – demons driven by the devilish thirst for blood and innocent souls. In desperation, humanity called for help a very unusual defender – an inveterate sinner, rejected by society and the Light, sealed in a casemate for the sins … of a man named Harkin. Now, along with their mentor Caslo, they must go on a journey and get to the source of Darkness to challenge and fight the Lords of the Fallen.

Immerse yourself in a dynamic, saturated role-playing game with an interesting and thoughtful combat system, where weapons, armor and skills directly affect the speed and attacks of the enemy. And when one force is small – wipe the enemy into powder with the help of the power of forbidden magic.