Goat Simulator

Have you ever thought of being a goat for a day or makes you think what if I was born a goat and not human being, thought of how do goats live? Well, I hope this game would take you to a place where all your thoughts would come true.


This is specifically a playful game. An open ended third person view point game where players will play the role of a goat. Yes! You got it right! You’ll be playing around this game as a goat. This game is more likely a skating game where players will be doing stunts and tricks to gain points. In this game you will be employing a goat. You’ll make it jump, run, destroy things and licks stuffs to move and drag things in order to gain points.

I can say that this game is a kooky game but still I find it entertaining for those players like me who am just seeking for fun. Not bad for a game of this quality. With its suburban setting, amusing display this game is surely a time killer game.