Sniper 3 Ghost Warrior

A first person tactical shooting game. The game is based on three different pillars: target, execute, and survive. It’s a martini short of being a decent James Bond game, a la 2002’s Night fire. Strip Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 of it’s open-world environment and what’s left is series of linear missions that are fairly short, objective-based, and generous with checkpoints – things that made action-adventure games satisfying before most of the genre went open-world. The kind of game where you finish a side quest and then the NPC you just helped blindly drives right over you. And where you can pick off a dozen armed enemies and then get killed simply standing in an empty road, mowed down by a guy ostensibly on your side.


Jon North is a loyal soldier. He believes in classical American way of life, and strongly identifies with the notion of America being the “World Police.” As a marine and a sniper he learned to trust his own instincts in distinguishing good and evil and never hesitates to state his mind to others. Natural leader with craving for control.

The player plays the role of Jon and the game  was set in an open world environment which players can freely explore the place. The game’s world is scattered with different activities and side missions which are known as “war crimes”. The player can use different approaches to complete missions and defeat enemies, as maps are now larger and more open-ended. For instance, the player can utilize stealth and melee combat to kill enemies, in gun and run style, or use the weapons or gadgets provided, like sniper rifles, to snipe enemies from a long distance. As one of the game’s core experiences is sniping, the accuracy of long-range shots is affected by various factors, such as calibration of the rifle’s scope, weather, wind speed, distance, gravity, and the protagonist’s breathing strength and rate. As a result, the player has to plan, adapt, and react to the game’s environments to alter these factors. The game also focuses on realism; as a result, it also features a dynamic weather system and day-night cycle which effects the gameplay and enemy behavior. The player can make use of these situations to create tactical advantages.


As enjoyable as these missions can be, they’ll be enjoyed alone for the time being. There’s no multiplayer mode in this game yet. Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is a good game after all, imagine playing a sniper game where you could intentionally wound an enemy just to draw out his compatriots. Pretty sadistic, but also pretty cool. 😊