The Witcher


 A spiel that revolves around the main protagonist Geralt of Rivia, a fully mutated enhanced human with special skills and abilities to slay supernatural beasts and monsters.

It all started when Geralt had an unusual contract occurring King Foltest’s daughter whose been cursed and have Geralt to take care of it. He has to fight off that evil beasts to lift the cursed on Princess Adda’s body. Then years later, Geralt has nowhere to be found two days after the Great War. He has been unconscious in a field when his co-witchers found him. He was then taken to Kaer Morhen. As he is regaining his strength and recovering his lapsed memory the castle was attacked by bunch of invaders called Salamandra. The potions were taken off. After being attacked, the witchers decided to take different directions to find Salamandra. Upon taking different direction Geralt decided to take his first step heading south to Vizima a quarantine place. From there he have fought a hellhound to get pass but then he got arrested and with exchange to his freedom he has to fight again to another monster. By then he have found out about the Salamandra’s base on Vizima with the help of some people from the Order and Scoia’tel he killed the Professor.


 Alchemy a major part of the gameplay it is used by Geralt in order to survived on slaying those beasts. There are potions that players can create in order to help Geralt increased his health and stamina and by that Geralt can see in dark places and so as provides him with other beneficial effects. On the other hand if the player fails to create the potions or may do it mistakenly it will harm Geralt and poison him moreover to regain his strength he has to drink a special potion or meditating at an inn or in a fireplace. The players can also create oils to fix damage done by weapons and bombs to use as a weapon on combats. Players of this game may choose with those 3 cameras modes in the game to be able to find a perfect spot in the combat.

The Witcher has 3 fighting styles and 2 main sword which Geralt commonly use to. First thing is the fast style where Geralt can slay the beasts with less damage attacks and can defeat it in a faster way as it is. Second is the strong style which can damage most but in a slower speed attack but then it has a lover chance of hitting the fast moving beasts/monsters. Lastly, the group style which works sufficiently when Geralt is surrounded. The 2 main swords are the Steel blade and the Silver blade both are used in killing but steel blade is used to defeat human and others bloody and flesh. Were as the silver blade that is use to slay supernatural beasts and monsters. Players should also choose and switch to any fighting styles and swords to use in any point. The strength of the martial combat is in constant need of changes in between fight styles to accommodate different types of human and supernatural monsters.

This game has 3 different groups

The alliance of Scoia’tel

  • A guerilla freedom fighting group of Elves and other Humans.
  • Alliance with the Order of Flaming Rose
  • Were knights protects the country of Temeria.
  • Alliance with neither group to maintain “Witcher neutrality”

In the long run this game may be flawed when it comes to technical issues but in any aspects it has been a good game to most people. With a bleak situation in a world filled with monsters, it would be sad if the combat didn’t hold up and while it’s not perfect, we are definitely pleased with it. It uses a timing based clicking system in order to keep the combat more RPGish while also making it more active. Also the platforms and astonishing features of this game is superb! Worth recommending. Enjoy playing!!