Bioshock 2


A part of the BioShock series, an epilogue to the 2007 game “BioShock”. A first person shooting game that is set in Rapture City, a dreamland underwater city that turns dystopia after that tragedy happens. This game tells the story about the hidden city underwater that has unrestricted experimentation on people. The city was built by Andrew Ryan to escape the tyranny of government. Regardless of how beautiful the place was there was one man named Frank Fontaine who created a black market routes and together with Dr. Brigid Tenenbawm they’ve created a “plasmid” industry by mass producing ADAM they have implanted it in the stomachs of orphaned girls whom they called “Little Sister”.


Bioshock 2 is split into single player story and multiplayer competitive modes. The players must use a combination of weapons and special powers called plasmid to fight their way through their prodigious enemies on a quest that leads deep within Rapture’s depths. Upon exploring the city the players can collect various things needed for combat like ammo, health, recovery items, money and EVE (a liquid uses to power plasmid). Players will encounter security systems which can be hacked through a mini-game. It requires attentive and careful players on this. They will use needle to put up on that 4 different colored gauges.

Green – progresses the sequence.

Blue – grants bonus to the hacking result.

White – shocks the player.

Red – causes a security alert.

Players of the game can gain access to a research video camera where the players has a short time to wreck the enemy in a ingenious way to score a number of points. At some point of research the players will be rewarded with new abilities. Thus, this game takes place entirely underwater so the players will have limited actions. But don’t be too wistful for that instead be wise to play it. Use strength and wise decision to make your move.

This game features a story-driven multiplayer mode called “Fall of Rapture”  where the players take on the role of one the Rapture’s citizen and this phenomenon the player will be sponsored by Sinclair Solutions on weapons used tonics and plasmids to test out their own product. There will be tons of new weapons unlocked in this stage and same goes for tonics and plasmids.

Plasmids and tonics – a special genetic reencoding liquids used by players to be more active and can have more abilities to show. Plasmids are used to invoke fire while tonics used to improve the abilities and resistance of the player. Moreover, the multiplayer mode has 7 different modes to be played. 2 of it is a single-player mode and the other is team-based mode. Here are some modes of the game.

Survival of the Fittest- this is a free for all death match.

Civil War- a team death match.

Capture the Sister- in this mode the players will be split in two where the 1st player defends the Little sister and the other would be catching her.

Turf War- a team-based mode where players compete to control specific areas of the map.

In addition, the players can also choose from 6 different characters found on the game as your avatar. There will also be 2 additional characters if you purchase a pre-order bonus. And 2 more characters if you download Sinclair Solution Tester Pack. Overall, the game is somewhat cordial and exceptional to me. It is worth to recommend as well. A very entertaining and exciting game for everyone. Happy playing folks!