Rocket League

A briskly soccer driving game, mainly displayed as soccer but this is 10 times better than playing soccer alone using kick-offs. This time the objective of this game is to get the ball into the opponents goal by using highly rocket powered vehicles. It may sound odd and boring but it is what it is. You’ll get to know more if you start playing with it and dig deeper to set you own goal. The most interesting part of the game is when you get to choose and customize your own vehicle. From changing paint to putting on amazing and unyielding wheels and also you can put off those hats on top of your cars for designs and etc. Moreover, we can’t just let it slip and slide without those power ups to help on scoring goals. From doing fancy tricks, jumping off on a highly skill ceiling, using turbo boosts to be fast and to take down opponents. It might be quite simple and casual as it seems on a first glance but this game is far more than what you could have imagined. They have also added lots of new features on the game and of course new and much more exciting platforms.

The game gives more fun for it’s fascinating gameplay modes which can have one on one to four on four player matches. And one more thing it’ll just take in approximate of 5-10 minutes then it will explicitly turn into a quick competitive blast of fun. Amazing isn’t it? For just a matter of small time you could have a great time already. Rocket League has 4 alternate modes you can choose that emphasizes different skills.

SNOW DAY HOCKEY MODE:  In this arena you’ll be setting a jam-packed and dashing soccer ball into this hockey like field arena.

HOOPS MODE:  Atmospheric game in a basketball arena.

DROPSHOT MODE: A two sided floor breaking mode. Where you can find a line in between the arena that makes it a two sided floor.

RUMBLE MODE: In this field you can freely use power ups and turbo boosts on any occasion to disrupt your opponents.


Rocket League is a team sports game where you can be a player on a team and every player on the field is completely converse. You’ll always get the feeling of playing in a team based shooting game. You can start off inconstantly making bizarre goals but with guts, skills and unique strategy you can set off goals in a great way satisfyingly. Over all, I can highly recommend this game not just because it is one of the finest games but this is a game everyone should play. Go for goal!

The Witcher


 A spiel that revolves around the main protagonist Geralt of Rivia, a fully mutated enhanced human with special skills and abilities to slay supernatural beasts and monsters.

It all started when Geralt had an unusual contract occurring King Foltest’s daughter whose been cursed and have Geralt to take care of it. He has to fight off that evil beasts to lift the cursed on Princess Adda’s body. Then years later, Geralt has nowhere to be found two days after the Great War. He has been unconscious in a field when his co-witchers found him. He was then taken to Kaer Morhen. As he is regaining his strength and recovering his lapsed memory the castle was attacked by bunch of invaders called Salamandra. The potions were taken off. After being attacked, the witchers decided to take different directions to find Salamandra. Upon taking different direction Geralt decided to take his first step heading south to Vizima a quarantine place. From there he have fought a hellhound to get pass but then he got arrested and with exchange to his freedom he has to fight again to another monster. By then he have found out about the Salamandra’s base on Vizima with the help of some people from the Order and Scoia’tel he killed the Professor.


 Alchemy a major part of the gameplay it is used by Geralt in order to survived on slaying those beasts. There are potions that players can create in order to help Geralt increased his health and stamina and by that Geralt can see in dark places and so as provides him with other beneficial effects. On the other hand if the player fails to create the potions or may do it mistakenly it will harm Geralt and poison him moreover to regain his strength he has to drink a special potion or meditating at an inn or in a fireplace. The players can also create oils to fix damage done by weapons and bombs to use as a weapon on combats. Players of this game may choose with those 3 cameras modes in the game to be able to find a perfect spot in the combat.

The Witcher has 3 fighting styles and 2 main sword which Geralt commonly use to. First thing is the fast style where Geralt can slay the beasts with less damage attacks and can defeat it in a faster way as it is. Second is the strong style which can damage most but in a slower speed attack but then it has a lover chance of hitting the fast moving beasts/monsters. Lastly, the group style which works sufficiently when Geralt is surrounded. The 2 main swords are the Steel blade and the Silver blade both are used in killing but steel blade is used to defeat human and others bloody and flesh. Were as the silver blade that is use to slay supernatural beasts and monsters. Players should also choose and switch to any fighting styles and swords to use in any point. The strength of the martial combat is in constant need of changes in between fight styles to accommodate different types of human and supernatural monsters.

This game has 3 different groups

The alliance of Scoia’tel

  • A guerilla freedom fighting group of Elves and other Humans.
  • Alliance with the Order of Flaming Rose
  • Were knights protects the country of Temeria.
  • Alliance with neither group to maintain “Witcher neutrality”

In the long run this game may be flawed when it comes to technical issues but in any aspects it has been a good game to most people. With a bleak situation in a world filled with monsters, it would be sad if the combat didn’t hold up and while it’s not perfect, we are definitely pleased with it. It uses a timing based clicking system in order to keep the combat more RPGish while also making it more active. Also the platforms and astonishing features of this game is superb! Worth recommending. Enjoy playing!!


Bioshock 2


A part of the BioShock series, an epilogue to the 2007 game “BioShock”. A first person shooting game that is set in Rapture City, a dreamland underwater city that turns dystopia after that tragedy happens. This game tells the story about the hidden city underwater that has unrestricted experimentation on people. The city was built by Andrew Ryan to escape the tyranny of government. Regardless of how beautiful the place was there was one man named Frank Fontaine who created a black market routes and together with Dr. Brigid Tenenbawm they’ve created a “plasmid” industry by mass producing ADAM they have implanted it in the stomachs of orphaned girls whom they called “Little Sister”.


Bioshock 2 is split into single player story and multiplayer competitive modes. The players must use a combination of weapons and special powers called plasmid to fight their way through their prodigious enemies on a quest that leads deep within Rapture’s depths. Upon exploring the city the players can collect various things needed for combat like ammo, health, recovery items, money and EVE (a liquid uses to power plasmid). Players will encounter security systems which can be hacked through a mini-game. It requires attentive and careful players on this. They will use needle to put up on that 4 different colored gauges.

Green – progresses the sequence.

Blue – grants bonus to the hacking result.

White – shocks the player.

Red – causes a security alert.

Players of the game can gain access to a research video camera where the players has a short time to wreck the enemy in a ingenious way to score a number of points. At some point of research the players will be rewarded with new abilities. Thus, this game takes place entirely underwater so the players will have limited actions. But don’t be too wistful for that instead be wise to play it. Use strength and wise decision to make your move.

This game features a story-driven multiplayer mode called “Fall of Rapture”  where the players take on the role of one the Rapture’s citizen and this phenomenon the player will be sponsored by Sinclair Solutions on weapons used tonics and plasmids to test out their own product. There will be tons of new weapons unlocked in this stage and same goes for tonics and plasmids.

Plasmids and tonics – a special genetic reencoding liquids used by players to be more active and can have more abilities to show. Plasmids are used to invoke fire while tonics used to improve the abilities and resistance of the player. Moreover, the multiplayer mode has 7 different modes to be played. 2 of it is a single-player mode and the other is team-based mode. Here are some modes of the game.

Survival of the Fittest- this is a free for all death match.

Civil War- a team death match.

Capture the Sister- in this mode the players will be split in two where the 1st player defends the Little sister and the other would be catching her.

Turf War- a team-based mode where players compete to control specific areas of the map.

In addition, the players can also choose from 6 different characters found on the game as your avatar. There will also be 2 additional characters if you purchase a pre-order bonus. And 2 more characters if you download Sinclair Solution Tester Pack. Overall, the game is somewhat cordial and exceptional to me. It is worth to recommend as well. A very entertaining and exciting game for everyone. Happy playing folks!

Quake Champions


A multiplayer shooting game wherein teamwork is the key to victory. This fast skill based arena like competition gives you a dynamic mission objective that is purely based on the main story of the game. But it is kind of exciting for it’s “free play” features with new and thrilling game levels and astonishing weapon designs.


This game is mechanically superb for it’s breathtaking visuals as they design it in a high built in standard with brand new designs. 😊

The main mission of this phenomenon is to kill and win of course but to be able to win you must be on your most powerful dream team and create a memorable victory in killing your opponents. This game consists of various unique characters whose separated in gender and race but all share in common personality known as killing. Each characters has sets of skills and developed abilities to fight. From running in short maps, wreck and pick ups, to grab powerful weapons and everything else. This fun arena shooter offers more fun and exciting modern twist of the game.

Overall, this game has improved. Two thumbs up! Left you with a “I have no chance in winning but still found yourself playing again and aims to win” kind of game.



A one hell of a ride arcade game where lots of destructions and bunch of explosions were made of. This reality like television show contest brings you into a specially designed city which participants races for money and glory which means you’ll race with other drivers on a track that is designed to be destroyed. From collapsing train tracks, to detonating power plants, planes, jets exploding and racing under a wing. Split/Second keeps your heart pumping as soon as you’re off the starting line.


Split/Second’s single player mode has 12 episodes, 11 race tracks, and each episode has 4 races with a locked bonus race and a locked elite race to earn credits from each event types. Players will be rewarded with credits by winning races. You can perform amazing stunts, mid-air overtakes, drafting and drifting to increase power play which will be used throughout the race. You can also battle with other players in the multiplayer mode with 8 players online and 2 layer split screen offline available.


Split/Second brings you the most amazing destructive racing game. Over all this game has come up to now and then and has bring something new to the genre of arcade racing. Worth to recommend and even if arcade games isn’t your thing well check out Split/Second it offers enough fun for the players. Fasten your seatbelts for this will be a one hell of a ride.

Just Cause 3


Several years after the event in Just Cause 2, cool headed protagonist (Rico Rodriguez) has left the agency after knowing the plot of an ambitious General to use the country’s natural supply of an explosive material called “Bavarium. Equipped with more weapons, he goes back home to bring total chaos in order to restore peace on his homeland.


The Mediterranean republic of Medici is suffering under the brutal control of General Di Ravello, a dictator with an insatiable appetite for power. Rico, a one man army is set on a mission to overthrowthe General, with the use of his signature grappling hook, unlimited C4 and “stunt” maneuvers, he must stop the dictatorship of the General on the fictional nation.

Just Cause 3 features side missions aside from the main story. Having an open world, players are free to explore the vast lands when they are not on missions.  You can unlock new mods on Rico’s gear after completing some tasks. You can test the grappling hook or even jumping upside down from a helicopter and landing on the ground with the new parachute, wing suit system. The game also features a large arsenal of weapons, from two-handed pistols to rocket launchers where you can bring total mayhem to the game to add more fun.

Overall, Just Cause 3 is great for what it is. The graphics are phenomenal. I’ve never felt more intense in a video game. From the explosion effects which are stunning, with pieces of metal flying through the air. I suggest playing this game since a sequel, Just Cause 4, is set for release on December 4, 2018.